The social security package for the production boom was announced

The social security package for the production boom was announced
The Social Security Service support package was announced by the Minister of Labor in the boom of production. This package is presented in 17 bundles and mainly focuses on the need to facilitate and assist in solving potential premium issues. Issues such as social security offenses, incentives to recruit new workers, extending the insurance policies of insured persons, and facilitating the payment of compensation and pensions have also been highlighted.
Mohammad Taqi Abayi, the minister of social affairs, social welfare, said that the social security organization had provided the social security package to the provinces in the form of a circular.
Director General of Cooperation, Social Work and Social Welfare of the Provincial Governorate added: Mohammad Shariatmadari addressed the Social Security Director, Mohammad Hassan Zadeh, to 17 points for implementation, most of which concerns issues related to the premium paid by activists. Economics is dedicated.
He also said that the directive also emphasized the issue of relief of honorable employers' crimes, encouraging employers to recruit new workers, extending the timely insurance policies of insured persons, and facilitating the payment of compensation and pensions for insured persons, especially workers in the flood-affected areas.
Abhayi said that the minister of labor in the directive emphasized: those drivers who by the end of the year 97 were paying part of their share premium on the share of the sources of subsidies targeting, they still have to be able to insure in 1998 Act themselves.
Mr. Zeda
Honorary Superintendent of the Social Security Organization
Subject: Supportive package of social security organization in production boom
Salam al-Kikam, considering the naming of 1398 as the year of production boom by the Supreme Leader of the "Al-Qadali", in order to improve the business environment and strengthen domestic capacities to deal with outrageous sanctions, as well as to expand social welfare services and solve problems. Economic units In this section, the following points are made for implementation:
1. In the implementation of Articles 39 and 101 of the Social Security Act, in order to facilitate the inspection and inspection of legal offices and documents of employers in the field of insurance, it is necessary to emphasize this year with the approval of Resolution No. 50432 of July 31, 1992 of the Commander of Resistance Economics Execute It is also necessary to create an appropriate uniformity and transparency in premium items in terms of extracting and reviewing documents, and reducing the processing time, and providing more facilities for issuing subcontractors such as fixed and non-fixed workshops.
2. According to the Ministry of Science, Research, Technology and Health and Medical Education and the Vice President of Science and Technology of the President on the Premium, "Research and Research Contracts concluded between universities, scientific, educational and research centers, science parks And technology, growth centers and companies based thereon, which are licensed by the ministries, as well as contracts concluded by institutions and knowledge-based companies approved by the Vice President of Science and Technology of the President "are required if these contracts are provided by the contractors concerned, Without applying the premiums of the contract, in a minimum amount of time to submit Article 38 of the Social Security Act shall be activated.
3. It is necessary to take steps to improve the process of handling contracts concluded by the company distributing oil products with contracted contractors as well as adjusting the premium factor.
4. The organization is not authorized to accept the list and current premium of employees employed in works covered by the social security law to pay arrears or assign their duties to the employer, and should take steps to obtain the current list and premiums of the staff employed by the workshops. And in respect of deferred claims from employers in accordance with other regulations.
5. Where the workshop is in a financial crisis, if the employer so requests, it is customary to receive the necessary assistance.
6. Upon request from the employers who can not pay off debts, they must immediately examine the conditions and financial condition of the workshop, up to 45 months and, if the workshop situation is critical, up to 60 months of action To be Also, upon request, the employer is assisted in gradual debt consolidation.
7. If employers have difficulties in assigning workshops to provide credible banking and civil liability insurance, it is necessary to take action upon request from the employer to take any other action.
8.If some of the lucrative employers of manufacturing, industrial, mining, and mining units are struggling due to cruel sanctions and currency fluctuations and unexpected events, and in the difficulty of listing and paying current employee premiums, the organization should Workshops that show examples of the reasons for expressing the crisis in the workshop about the forgiveness of crimes in this case during the period of the occurrence of the reasons for the statement.
9. It is necessary to work together with the departments of co-operation, work and social welfare so that employers can, in addition to maintaining the existing workforce, be able to benefit from incentive schemes for the employer's share in the recruitment of new workforce and in terms of employing the workforce New action. Obviously, in the event of the adoption of the implementing regulation of Article 71 of the Sixth Development Plan Law, the implementing rules will be communicated to that organization.
10. In cases where the employers concerned, based on the calculation of a 4% premium and retirement of hard and harmful work based on the decisions of the committees and the revision of the hard and harmful occupations, objected to the standardization and immunization of the workshop, as well as the lack of The announcement of the above-mentioned decision by the departments of co-operation, work and social welfare. Before calculating 4%, the hard and harmfulness of the job and the calculation of the amounts of the offenses should be initially followed by the employer and after the final announcement was made. , Relevant calculations are made.
11. In order to resolve some of the problems, it is necessary for those organizations and subsidiaries to form meetings

12. In the case of contractors, it is necessary to refrain from calculating the contract premiums in accordance with Article 41 of the Social Security Act only after the final declaration of the contractor's final status as the contractor has been announced, and from the calculation of the delinquency of the payment of the contract premiums.




13. Due to the fact that in some cases clinics, medical equipment, and sometimes SALW hospitals suffered physical flood damage, it is necessary for Khudoum's partners to do their utmost in their efforts to restore and replace buildings, Medical equipment and manpower, have not caused any disruption in the provision of health care to the insured, and, in addition to accepting the maximum number of visits, obtain satisfaction.




14. Considering that some employers, because of the lack of necessary liquidity, are obliged to send a list of monthly wage insurance insurance for workers who work part of the premium, it is necessary for the welfare of the insured persons of such workshops and their benefits Their health benefits should be renewed on a timely basis.




15. Particularly in the case of insured persons working in active workshops where their employment has been affected by an accident or crisis, the facilitation of the payment of sick pay must be prioritized.




16. In particular, for those workers whose workplaces have been affected by a flood crisis, unemployment insurance benefits should be made available in a minimal and non-formal manner.




17. In view of the forecast and funding of the Government's contribution premium (targeting subsidies) this year, it is necessary for drivers who, by the end of the year 97, pay a portion of their share premium for the share of resources derived from the subsidy targeting Have been able to continue their insurance business this year, and such drivers should not face any obstacles to continuing insurance coverage.




In view of the above, it is necessary to issue the subject in the form of circulars and instructions within the organization to the provinces and subordinate units, and on the good performance of that monitoring and its quarterly report sent to the ministry office.


Mohammad Shariatmadari


Minister of Co-operation, Labor and Social Welfare

May 8, 2019 13:11
Public Relations of Co-operative, Labor and Social Welfare of Markazi Province |


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